About me

Student in photography, I have always been passionated about art in general. 

But life at some point got hard and i was unable to follow this path.

I had to give up for a While….

And then,one day, I realized I had better than a pencil to draw my world.

I had the light and this strange box: a camera.


After learning how to use it, my passion became an obsession and then I decided to take my future between my hands and started studying art.

For a While, i did many analog photography in black and white , with a 35mm camera, pinhole 6*6 and the photography chamber. I finally bought a digital camera , I had the world in my hands and my eyes to see beyond the appearance.

My first photography school wasn’t successful as I had such a very archaic teacher who was not much open minded about my vision.

Fortunately I changed of school. Thanks to one of my friend. I would especially thank my teachers Luigi, Alexis and Danny who has changed my mind, who made me believed in myself and even more : to never give up and to follow my dream to become a professionnal photographer.

Also, special thanks for the support , encouragements and unconditional love from my bestie and husband who made this website and helps me to update it.

Also special thanks to my worldwide friends, especially my sister of heart, the sister from another mum. I don’t give up and I hope you will also never give up.

Photography for me is not only a passion, it is the lantern that gave the colours to my light, my escape, my refuge ,sunshine and a sense to my life. For a long time I was Wondering what i wanted to do in life but I knew exactly what i didn’t want.

I found my real purpose in life with photography….Become who you want to be, whatever and whoever you are. Do what you, only can decide to do in life. Never give up your Dreams. If you really want it, do it !!!
In conclusion, Dream as if you have nothing to lose, Believe as if all is possible, Love as if your heart don’t know the limit, Life as if there’s only today.

With Love,


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thanks so much my sister of heart !this means so much to me your words. I could have chosen to write to you in our mothertongue but i want everyone to know the brillant photographer you are ! But also the great friend and person you are ! Intelligent,funny. Who has always been there for me in good and bad moments in my life ! I am so proud of your sucess my sister !! You desserve so much !! You followed your Dreams and they became True ! Someday i hope you will be as proud as i am of you Today for your sucess ! I will never give up my dream to become a professionnal photographer ! You are a huge inspiration to me. You and cliff burton ! You have the same will will power. And if he was still alive he will be so proud of your sucess !! You are the sister that everyone could dream about and i feel so blessed to have you as my sister in my life. For me you are my True sister. And i will always been there to support you, no matter what !! Love you my sister !! I cry of happiness for you! I remember you spending all your night working so hard to pass all your photography exams! Well desserved success! Thanks so much to believe in myself, for all the advices’ but more important your spécial friendship that changed my life for over a year ! This means so much to me. And remember my sistet : always believe in yourself. Never doubt of you cause as i said not only you are such a brillant photographer but also the friend and sister that everyone wouos dream to have ! Love you my sis!! Hugs ! So proud of you ?❤ severine

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